While in undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill, I made a lot of work about the Confederate monument that stood at the entrance to campus in an explicit defense of a racist social order. The night before my final year, it was bravely torn down by students and neighbors. This is a selection of posters, stickers, zines, and bandana designs. Through Take Action Chapel Hill, a collective united in fighting against white supremacy and oppression, some of this work was used to raise money for a legal aid fund benefitting those anti-racist activists facing charges related to the monument.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.32.27 PM.png

Posters printed in Chapel Hill, NC.
Distributed in NC, GA, & PA
Edition of 28

All proceeds benefit the Anti-Racist Activist Fund

Download @ www.toppleit.web.unc.edu

This design was screen printed onto bandanas by a collective based in Durham & Chapel Hill, NC.

Stickers printed & distributed by cuddlepot mag

I built a website about UNC on UNC servers. Administration hated it so much that it was picked up by press.

Can Chapel Hill Take a Joke with a Point? (Inside Higher Ed)


View the zine @ www.samsreckoning.web.unc.edu