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UNC Anti-Racist Jeopardy

2018 - 2019


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Press: Inside Higher Ed - Can Chapel Hill Take a Joke With a Point?

“A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alleges that the institution took down her parody website that lampooned officials' handling of race relations and only restored it after a lawyer and civil rights group intervened … The accusations of censorship come at a particularly strained time for the University of North Carolina System’s flagship. UNC has been embroiled in a debate on the Silent Sam Confederate monument. And the website -- which officials considered “personal work” and not appropriate for the university’s service -- was shut down despite many other instances where students’ blogs were allowed to remain up. The student, Annie Simpson, said administrators likely flagged her creation because of her campus activism, partially around the Silent Sam statue. … Emails among administrators obtained in public records requests show that the website was discussed at the top levels -- from an official at the North Carolina system down to officials in UNC’s Information Technology Services.”