My work, though distinctly photographic, is a combination of made photographs, repurposed archival photographs, found text, and writing. I question landscape and longing in the American South, specifically landscape as a cultural construction & its place in discourse about public history. I respond to mythologies, writing, lore, and public memory that paint landscapes here as sensuous without acknowledging the record of racial terror that still shapes the land (both anthropomorphically and ideologically). In doing so, my images and supporting research documents & artifacts map the power structures that create crisis points in the landscape. My work is often informed by histories of local struggle, resistance, and activism.

I live in Athens, GA, where I’m a graduate assistant in interdisciplinary arts research and MFA candidate at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia.

I’ve contributed to Found Review, a publication for art criticism that uses only found material, as well as cuddlepot mag, a publication for anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist organizing.

In my free time, I think a lot about horses, Jersey Cows, and higher education reform [here]. I write a lot of letters to editors. Some of my collaborative projects seek to transfigure landscape [here + here] or to help reveal histories hidden by violent master narratives [here]. I also protest fascism & far-right organizing, especially where they intersect with police militarization [here].